Mobil 103529 Dexron-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid – 1 Quart

About this item

  • Material code – 98JD05
  • Extended fluid life; outstanding low temperature performance
  • Improved oxidation and thermal stability
  • Optimized frictional properties that provide smooth gear shifting during low temperature operation and help prevent transmission vibration
  • Outstanding resistance against sludge and deposit formation

Product Description

Mobil Dexron-VI ATF provides warranty protection for 2006 and newer GM vehicles. It is also for improved performance in 2005 and earlier GM vehicles, wherever Dexron is specified. Mobil Dexron-VI ATF is a high performance, synthetic blend automatic transmission fluid formulation designed to meet the stringent service fill requirements of GM’s Dexron-VI specification. Automatic transmissions should be checked for proper fluid levels at regular intervals, and the fluid should be changed at manufacturer recommended intervals. However, this may vary due to your vehicle’s operating conditions. Some manufacturers recommend more frequent changes of transmission fluid under severe driving conditions, such as heavy traffic, hot weather and trailer pulling.

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