Earn Crypto and Win Prizes!

Use Freecash to do surveys and play casual games for cash! Play games, win prizes, and earn incentives like gift cards, cryptocurrency, and more with the simple-to-use Freecash app. Play your favorite casual games. With Freecash, you can do surveys, earn money, and receive cash prizes all in one app.

By answering surveys and playing your favorite casual games, you can earn Bitcoin, Amazon gift cards, and other forms of payment with Freecash. The best part is that it takes just 42 minutes and 21 seconds for the typical Freecash player to cash out their first coin and earn an average of $17.53 every day. When you sign up for Freecash, spectacular gaming rewards and prize play are just around the corner!

As soon as you download, take a survey while you’re on the move or play and win rewards. Earn money with the rewards website that is expanding the quickest, now accessible via a user-friendly smartphone. Earn cryptocurrency, gift cards, and more by starting to make money right from your phone! With Freecash, you can easily do surveys and games for cash now.

The games on Freecash are simple and enjoyable! Play the top casual games, MMORPGs, sports games, and pretty much every other genre to make money. When you play your favorite game and do surveys for cash, you may earn cash and cryptocurrency through incredible prize play.

It’s easy to play and earn on Freecash. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Get the Freecash app from the Google Play store.
  2. Start your first task after launching the app.
  3. Select a cash survey to complete in order to earn prizes or play one of the casual games on the list!
  4. Finish tasks and begin earning money. Some users make over $100 each day!
  5. After finishing a job, visit the store and select your preferred prize.
  6. Instantly cash out with PayPal, Bitcoin, gift cards, and more!

Get paid to test free games and applications, do surveys while on the move, and earn money. With Freecash, you may start earning money right away!



  • Play games in a variety of genres to receive prizes. RPG, MMORPG, PvP, and more games!
  • Use a range of casual games to play and earn money.
  • Play for prizes with pals. With the help of our affiliate program, invite them to join Freecash!
  • After your friends sign up, you may earn commissions from their gaming prizes!


  • With one simple to use software, you can do paid surveys to earn cryptocurrency and cash.
  • Receive prizes when you cash out for each paid survey.
  • Complete surveys for cash from various businesses.
  • Earn money by providing advice and addressing queries. It’s that easy!


  • Instantly earn money by using our Shop’s free PayPal gift card cashouts.
  • With every activity you complete, rewards are just a few taps away.
  • To ensure the greatest payment as you earn money, Freecash partners with your favorite applications to conduct promotions!
  • The prizes for top monthly users may reach $500, and the daily awards can reach $100!


  • EARN CRYPTO: Earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for as little as 10 cents every transaction!
  • GIFTCARDS FOR YOUR GAMES Earn Play Store Gift Cards with simple account loading!
  • PAYPAL GIFT CARDS: Exchange your balance for actual money!
  • AMAZON GIFT CARDS: Include your gift card in the balance of your Amazon account.

You may always get in touch with our available online support team if you need assistance.

Playing video games for cash? With Freecash, anything is feasible! Get our rewards app today to start earning money and cryptocurrency!

Win up to $250,00

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