Unsecured Website Fix – How to Fix Not Secure Website Warning

It’s OK for a little period of time. The following time, a warning about not being secure appears. Perhaps you found it by going to your own website, or perhaps a worried client contacted you and made the discovery.

Regardless of how you learned about it, you are certainly wondering “why is my website displaying a not secure warning?” The solution is that, when accessed in Google Chrome version 68 and later, any website that is not secured by an SSL certificate will display a not secure warning. Google released Chrome 68 on July 24, 2018. You shouldn’t take your security online lightly.

What does a website that isn’t secure mean?
If a website is not secure, it indicates that your web browser and the website do not have an encrypted connection. As a result, any data you submit on the website, including passwords, credit card numbers, and personal data, may be captured by a third party.

Usually, the address bar in your computer browser will show you whether a website is safe. The address will normally begin with “https” rather than “http” before the domain name if the website is secure. “S” stands for “secure,” thus.

Website Not Secure in HTTP
Data transmission via the internet uses the HTTP protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). It serves as the Web’s main basis for data transfer. Any information you submit on a website, including passwords or credit card numbers, may be captured by a third party if you visit a website using HTTP since the connection between your web browser and the website’s server is not protected.

Secure Website Defined via HTTPS
The safe variant of HTTP is called HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol safe). Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption protocols are used to protect the communication between the web browser and the website server. As a result, any information you provide on a website that has an HTTPS version is encrypted and difficult for a third party to intercept.

Whenever you are inputting sensitive data on a website, including passwords or credit card details, it is often a good idea to utilize HTTPS. Although the majority of contemporary websites protect their connections using HTTPS, it is always a good practice to verify before inputting important data.

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Why an SSL is necessary

SSL Secures Data
Officially, Google gives SSL-secured websites a better BSER ranking.
Using SSL, You Can Meet PCI/DSS Requirements
SSL Increases Client Trust
In 2018, Google makes SSL compulsory.


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