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YouTube is the second-largest search engine globally, and people use it to find videos on every topic. Video keyword research involves getting words people use to find a particular keyword, and our YouTube Keyword Tool helps you find them quickly.Videos with optimized keywords will have a better chance of getting views, likes, and subscribers. Include them in your title, description, and tags after you find them. YouTube Analytics tool also offers potential keyword goldmines.But the YouTube keyword generator by H-Supertools is awesome because of its data. You get to know the monthly volume and difficulty for your keywords. And you enjoy the list of related keywords as well. You can also copy and save selected or all keywords for future use. There are even more benefits of using our YouTube keyword explorer. But for now, let’s get to know why YouTube keywords are important.

Why Are YouTube Keywords Important?

YouTube keywords are important because people use them to search for videos. For example, if you want to search videos related to email marketing, you’ll use the term. Keywords play an important role in making videos more visible than others. YouTube tags or keywords help the platform or algorithm grasp the theme of your videos. You must optimize your videos and channel’s description and tags carefully. Choosing the right keywords and tags may get more people to watch your videos.Get all the keywords related to your topic with our YouTube Keyword Tool. Let’s get to know why it’s the number one tool for doing YouTube video research. 

#1 Youtube Keyword Tool & Youtube Tag Generator by H-Supertools

YouTube Keyword Tool by H-Supertools helps you get related keywords and data for your channel. All you need is a seed keyword. And the tool gives you tons of relevant keywords for that. If you search for ’email marketing,’ you get 278 related keywords along with their data. ‘Email Marketing is an extremely competitive niche. However, if you create a great video about the topic, it should rank highly. How do we know? The answer is our YouTube Keyword Tool. It also knows the SEO difficulty for your keywords. 

How Our YouTube Keyword Tool Works

YouTube keyword explorers like ours roll out related keywords mostly. But the YouTube Keyword Tool offers solid data, including monthly volume and ranking difficulty. But how does it work? When you search for a seed keyword, it searches the web database and provides data provided by Google and third parties. This is how it works for you.Go to our toolSearch for a seed keyword or major topicGet all the relevant keywordsPrioritize your video content based on the dataSearch for the related keywords again if you want to niche down. It’s really important if you believe there’s increased competition in your niche. In this way, you can also discover new ideas for your YouTube channel.

Why Use Our YouTube Keyword Research Tool

Discover Related Keywords & Data for Free

And it’s free forever, so you have our promise that you’ll never be required to pay for our tools. We only accept donations or run ads for supporting H-Supertools. And our founder Hassan Aboul Hassan wants these SEO & digital marketing tools to be free forever.

Get to Know Monthly Volume & Ranking Difficulty

All the keywords you get to come with the relevant data. It includes monthly search volume and ranking difficulty. If a keyword has less monthly volume but low ranking difficulty, you may want to create a video on that. And you would like to create a video on popular topics as well. Prioritize your video content based on the metrics according to your strategy. And you’ll get success quickly in the YouTube world! All you need is to use our tool, create videos and be consistent. 

Never Run Out of Ideas for Your YouTube Channel

Every single day, millions of people search for something on YouTube? As a result, you can create valuable content for your audience, rank high, and boost your online presence.But to make new YouTube videos, you must first find an interesting topic. Topics that people want to search for. It will bring in thousands of views, and thus subscribers, and more. YouTube Keyword Tool helps you find the topics, so you never run out of ideas. With just one topic in hand, you get tons of more suggestions from our smart tool. Then type in your seed keyword, and the tool will provide plenty of related keywords.

Do the Video Keyword Research With Our YouTube Keyword Generator

So it’s not just about finding the video ideas. Our YouTube keyword generator helps you include related keywords into the same video description and title. For example, you may want to talk about these topics to create a video on ‘YouTube keyword research. YouTube keyword research (introduction)YouTube keyword research toolHow to do YouTube keyword researchYouTube keyword research tutorialAnd more. You may also want to create separate videos on these topics and how you use the keywords and data. With that said, we would like to share some practical tips to grow your YouTube channel like a pro. Let’s get started!

How to Get More Views on YouTube: Tips to Grow Your Channel

These practical tips will help you learn how to get more views on YouTube. And don’t worry, it’s not as challenging as you may believe it is. You just need to use our tool, follow these tips, and be consistent. Is that fair enough?

Understand How Algorithm Influence YouTube View

YouTube works on an algorithm. And you need to understand its basics, so you’re ready to exploit it effectively. Its major objective is to find the right video for every viewer. That’s insane because there are 37 million YouTube channels on the platform. But you need to grab a straightforward rule for you, “create interesting videos on relevant topics and make them findable.” That’s just it. Keywords are extremely crucial for making your videos more visible and findable for people. So, use them appropriately in the title and description. 

Make a Memorable Channel Icon & Strong Brand Aesthetics

It’s a no-brainer! In this polarized world, almost everyone is creating something online. It may be a YouTube channel or Instagram handle and whatnot! And lots of people are talking about the same things over and over again. How can you be different?Well, you can be different and memorable with your tone, style, and solid branding. Showcase your true personality in tone, style, and branding. Stand out and make everything like your channel’s icon branded. Enough said!

Create Search-friendly Descriptions That are Keyword Rich

When you want to find a video about something, you search for a query. For example, if you want to learn how YouTube works, you will use the keyword, “how youtube works.” You may want to include this term if your channel is all about YouTube as a content creator. 

Get Creative, Be Remarkable and Create Engaging Content

Honestly, you cannot get any views on YouTube if you stuff the relevant keywords in your descriptions only. And that you are not making your viewer’s life easy. You’ll not make it if you use our YouTube Keyword Tool only. You need to create awesome videos as well. 

Other Practical Tips to Attract Millions of Views on YouTube

Along with the above-given tips, we highly recommend following these tips as well. They will help you attract tons of views on your YouTube videos for sure. Use playlists and sections to organize your channelCreate catchy titles and optimize them with our toolMake visually interesting thumbnails so that viewers click on themUse subtitles, cards, and end screens to keep viewers engagedUse popular terms for YouTube tags and hashtagsShowcase your channel by featuring its best contentAnd YouTube Keyword Tool helps you find keywords to optimize your visual content for free. While keywords plan an important role in generating more YouTube views, but you must create awesome videos as well. And for that, you may want to use other tools on H-Supertools.

Other Free Digital Marketing Tools on H-Supertools

Hassan Aboul Hassan’s mission is to provide free digital marketing tools to the world. We are always trying to add more tools to our arsenal. H-Supertools lets you do your keyword research for free for blogs or YouTube and do other tasks.  If you love our YouTube Keyword tool, you must love other awesome tools as well. Have a look at some of them right now. Keyword Research ToolBulk Keyword Data ToolHigh CPC Keywords ToolInstagram Hashtag GeneratorEmail Text ExtractorEmail Validation ToolWarmup Schedule GeneratorSubject Line TesterAffiliate Programs ToolPrivacy Policy GeneratorTerms & Conditions GeneratorAnd counting! Even if you aren’t impressed by now, use our tools for free and see they work for you. You have nothing to lose. Contact us for suggestions, complaints, or just feedback without hesitation. We are always looking for ways to make our tools better and better. 

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